Experts in Digital Dentistry

An experienced and reliable team, which for years has been offering courses in dentistry and dental technology, using the most modern digital technologies without neglecting the most classic analog practices.

Our courses are aimed at those who want to learn the use of intraoral scanners, 3D facial scanners and individual computerized condylographs with the aid of dedicated software, such as implant planning programs and cad cam software.

The aim of the training will be to bring the participant closer to the fascinating and current digital world, starting a learning path towards the more complex concept of Complete Digital Patient (CDP)

Dental clinic - Dental Laboratory

In our clinic and laboratory we create high quality and high aesthetic prosthetic restorations with the best materials available in the dental panorama. We make our services and experience available to patients and clinicians.


We are dental technicians and dentists with decades of experience. Specialized in dentistry and digital dental technology, we make our expertise available to doctors and technicians who want to expand their knowledge.
  • Training days
  • CAD CAM basic courses
  • CAD CAM advanced courses
  • Patient analysis and Complete Digital Patient (CDP)
  • Manual processing of coloring and aesthetics courses
  • Master courses

Get involved. Learn. Grow up.

Advanced Digital Dentistry

Our partners!

Companies and professionals of digital and classical dentistry with which we collaborate